Péter Batáry - Introduction to meta-analysis in conservation biology

Meta-analysis as a statistical tool for quantitatively synthesizing primary researches has gained a great momentum in ecology during this millenium. Ecological questions can be answered by systematic reviewsthat identifies, appraises, selects and synthesizes all high quality relevant research evidences. Systematic reviews often use meta-analysis as statistical technique to combine results of the eligible studies. During the workshop the following statistical methods and problems will be discussed and used with real ecological data: calculation of effect sizes, cumulative effect size and heterogeneity, fixed- and random-effect meta-analysis, biases.


Péter Szabó - Historical sources for ecologists

Natural scientists often realize the importance of a historical perspective in answering their own questions, but they rarely know how to approach archival material. Based mostly on Hungarian and Czech material, this workshop will offer hands-on experience about the kinds of historical sources available to study ecosystem change, how to find these sources, how to approach them in a methodologically sound manner, how to gather them (databases), and how to interpret them.


Teja Tscharntke - Finding the pitch in ecological writing